“Get ready to hear the music that you’ve been wanting to hear by a great new rock band out of Miami! It feels like Classic Rock with a Modern Twist.”

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“This band really knows what a chorus is all about” Brian Wheat (Tesla The Band)…(Big Break Sessions)

“Ovrhol is a band that is all about songs songs songs! That’s what matter to them and I love it” John Tovar (Legendary manager of Marilyn Manson and Nuclear Valdez)

“Catchy guitar melodies and hard hitting drum beats”……”really energetic and powerful”…..”OK can we say the best breakup song ever!!!”………..”The intro to this song reminds me of my childhood!”….”Good vocals, and even better delivery”…..”Great guitar introduction. How the heaviness continues really makes the song flow. Singer’s voice is strong and you can tell his talent shines in this song”…….Reverbnation reviewers

“Ovrhol is proof that Rock is not dead” Richard Maloney, producer/recording engineer at Studio Center & Red Room Studio

For a limited time, Ovrhol is giving away I Want You To go from their upcoming CD! 

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